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My Story

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist providing online therapy to residents of Ontario, Canada. I know that looking for a therapist can be anxiety provoking in itself. That’s why I’ve written all about my own journey of becoming a therapist. 

Online Therapist Ontario
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Online Therapy

When we suffer, our difficult thoughts and feelings can pull us away from the life that we want to live. I use evidence-based approaches to help you overcome your stuck points and move towards what matters to you. My areas of focus are: 

  • Anxiety 
  • OCD 
  • Panic Attacks 
  • Perfectionism 
  • Phobias
  • Depression

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“It’s part of the human condition that we create stories about ourselves and about the world around us. Our stories are often filled with limitation, and we proceed to live our lives inside those limitations”

– Dr. Kelly G. Wilson