If you find yourself struggling with Anxiety, OCD, or Perfectionism you might find some of these exercises, books, and resources helpful.

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Meditation Exercises

Dropping the Struggle with Anxiety

When anxiety shows up, our natural response is to fight it. Unfortunately when we try to fight anxiety it can get worse and lead to even more distressing emotions. To learn more about this idea click here. In this meditation you will practice imagining anxiety as if it were an object inside your body. This can help lessen the fight with it, making it easier to handle in the long run.

Self-Compassion for Perfectionism

The purpose of this exercise is to help bring a sense of compassion to yourself when you are struggling. When we get stuck in a cycle of perfectionism our minds can be very critical of us. Self-compassion is a widely researched topic that has shown to increase emotional resiliency. To learn more about the topic of self-compassion click here.

Handling Our Worries

It is really easy to spend a lot of time in our head. While this can be helpful when you are trying to solve problems or plan for the future, at other times it can be unhelpful. For example when you are worrying and ruminating about things you cannot control. The purpose of this exercise is to practice watching your thoughts come and go without reacting to them. To learn more about this idea click here.


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